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MME 2019 Overview

Title International Conference on Middle Market Enterprises Innovation 2019
  • Present future management strategies for Korean middle market enterprises and prepare infrastructures for innovative growth of middle market enterprises through discussions on strengthening the competitiveness of Korean middle market enterprises specializing in material and component industry and development directions related to middle market enterprises
  • Find new businesses and increase opportunities for global expansion and technological cooperation through business meetings between Korean middle market enterprises and enterprises specializing in materials and components in advanced overseas countries.
Theme Global Value Chain, Challenges and Opportunities Facing Middle Market Enterprises
Time & date 10:00~18:30, November 21 (Thu), 2019
Venue Lotte Hotel Seoul (Sogong-dong), Korea

300 representatives from Korean and overseas middle market enterprises and related industries, academia, research, and related organizations

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  • Present global insights on economic issues and the enterprise directions for development through a keynote speech by a world-renowned scholar.
  • Present future directions for innovation and growth of middle market enterprises in view of the changes in the global value chain(GVC).
  • Invited presentations by renowned scholars and middle market enterprise CEOs to share innovative management strategies for middle market enterprises that combine global competitiveness.
  • Share the measures adopted by overseas enterprises in response to crisis and measures for global technological cooperation through case study presentations of overseas innovative and competitive enterprises.
Global Talks and Q&A
  • Present discussions on global competitiveness and directions for the development of middle market enterprises through discussions between the keynote speaker and session speakers.
  • Identify issues of interest and exchange of opinions between the speakers and the audience on key issues through Q&A with participants from related business sectors.
  • Promote opportunities for Korean middle market enterprises to advance into overseas markets and establish networks through 1:1 business meetings between middle market enterprises and overseas enterprises.
  • Diversification of trading lines of middle market enterprises and technological innovation, search for new businesses.