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International Conference on Middle Market Enterprises Innovation is designed
to present future management strategies for Korean middle market enterprises through discussions on global economic issues and the directions for the development of Korean enterprises and to explore ways for them to grow into competitive global enterprises by developing innovative growth infrastructures.

In the context of worsening trade conditions such as the spread of global protectionism, the conference this year, under theme of “Global Value Chain, Challenges and Opportunities Facing Middle Market Enterprises”, will seek to create value-added solutions and innovations for middle market enterprises to survive in the global competition through the keynote speech by a world-renowned scholar who will provide global insights, suggest topics, and find measures to respond to these accordingly and the scale-up session will provide an opportunity to listen to messages from successful case studies and innovative management strategies of Korean and overseas enterprises.

In addition, business meetings will be arranged between promising Korean and overseas enterprises, offering a variety of business opportunities, such as diversification of trading lines, technological innovation, and network expansion for middle market enterprises. We hope you can join us at this significant and meaningful Conference and share with us your insights and visions.

We look forward to your interest and participation in the "International Conference on Middle Market Enterprises Innovation 2019".

Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology